Deployments and Disasters

A tabletop RPG for practicing incident management.

If you are interested in getting to know the rules before your first session take a look at How to play. For more information on how to host a game check out How to host section. Game design goes in depth with reasoning behind the rules. That can be helpful when first introducing this game to your company, or later on to take your game hosting skills to a next level. Lastly, you can check out my blog post where I discuss some of the challenges that led me to create this game.

Current status

The Deployments and Disasters game is still in development. I’m relatively happy with the rules as they are presented here. The presentation itself can still be improved, and there’s more content that I’d like to add. I’ve only created two incident scenarios so far and have held only four game sessions. Responses have been good so far, prompting me to continue work on the project. Both scenarios are tightly coupled to internal tooling and procedures of the company I work for, so I haven’t published them here.

Next steps planned for the project are:

  1. Creating a generalized incident scenario focused on open-source tooling that anyone can use.
  2. Creating assets such as short rules pamphlet that can be distributed to the players at the start of the session, or a tool for easily creating charts on the fly during the session.
  3. Adding examples to the existing rules sections.