How to host

If you are interested in hosting a game of Deployments and Disasters as a disaster master, you are in the right place. This section goes into details on preparing the scenarios and running a game. But first, you are encouraged to go over the basic game rules in the how to play section.

Bill of materials

For running a session of Deployments and Disasters you will need:

  1. Between 3 and 10 players.
  2. A set of 5 six-sided dice (D6).
  3. Prepared incident scenario and player roles.
  4. A board or a screen shared with the players to draw the incident clock and various charts on.


Incident scenario is the heart of every Deployments and Disasters session. In it disaster master defines the software system that gets hit by an incident as well as roles that players fulfill.

Action rules

Actions are an aspect of the session where player creativity comes into the forefront. It’s up to players to come up with actions, and up to the disaster master to specify their difficulty and narrate successful or failed outcomes. Nudging players into taking the right actions might be a more subtle way for a DM to influence a session.